A ghostwriter’s job is to take other people’s words and write them down. Just like a ghost, we tiptoe through a person’s story without taking credit as an author. There are many reasons to use a ghostwriter. The author may be long gone having left behind journals or notes. The story may be too difficult for a person to write about. There are some individuals who find writing too difficult, or they may simply not have the time to sit down and write.  

I am a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell and that everyone has the right to tell their story. My job is to help you tell your story. The story does not need to be a personal story, it could be anything from a fictional story to a poem or letter for a loved one. You may even want a really impressive backstory for your RPG character. I am careful to ask questions that will make your story really shine. Your story is just as important as mine. Whether you publish your story or just keep it for yourself, it is a great feeling of accomplishment to know that you have it.

Above all your words are safe with me. I do not tell anyone else your story. That is at your discretion alone. I have a range of available editors that I can recommend for developmental editing and proof reading. If you are writing a book, I highly suggest planning on using an editor before publishing your material.

You can submit material to me via YouTube or an audio file. We can also use Google Hangouts or Skype so we can talk. I accept insured and signature required FedEx, UPS, or USPS material. If you are in the Corvallis, Oregon area I am happy to meet with you.

There is no age or social status limitation to my ghostwriting. I am available for everyone.

I am available for more dry technical manual work as well but I do not do school writing. 

Please submit requests and questions to the contact page