I do free video book reviews for any type of e-book. I apologize I am unable to accept any paper copies as I just do not have the room for them. I will review any genre and any rating from G to true erotica. I also review technical manuals, essays, and some scientific work. I have a basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, and math through pre-calculus. I have a good working knowledge of soil science, agricultural practices, and research. I have an excellent working knowledge of English composition and grammar usage. 

I am familiar with an enormous range of books from fiction to non-fiction.  If you would like an extended written review that will go into detail on what I have found in your work, I have time available for a fee. 

My purpose is to bring authors forward and expose readers to authors they may not have heard of. 

If I cannot post a review of your work at your request, I will let you know why. 

You can find all my video reviews on my Youtube channel here: