Teaser Snippet! #NaNoWriMo

For your edification, I give you a snippet of Section 9: Do I Know You? The four Champions of Falural meet.

The mist in Ly'gril's mind faded and she found herself back in the forest, standing in the middle of a tract of charred ground. The unmoving figures of the Chelar army lay around her. The only ones left standing were Brizain and his group.

"Are...are they dead?" she whispered, horror dawning on her. She had caused this. Brizain checked one and shook his head.

"They are not dead, only asleep. How...did you do that?"

Ly'gril shook her head wordlessly. Brizain's gaze focused on the cat's rider and he brought up his sword,

"An Inodian!"

Ly'gril turned to look at Tigurl and she snapped at Brizain, "That's not an Inodian you idiot! Inodians have short ears and pale skin. She has long ears and black skin. And Inodians ride horses along with humans, not...cats."

Breeze got to her feet unsteadily, unsure of what had just happened except that she was still alive and had no broken bones. She turned around to see Brizain, Tigurl, and Ly'gril looking at each other. All three looked at her and Tigurl slid down off Ferala, freeing the cat to lie down. Tigurl reached out a hand to Breeze and then stopped, her eyes wondering at her.

"You..you're a Damaenian," Tigurl said softly.

"Damaenians don't exist. They're a myth." Ly'gril replied

Brizain snapped his head to glare at Ly'gril, "Do I look like a myth Elf?"

Ly'gril blinked in confusion, "No. But you're a Chelar."

"I am half Damaenian," Brizain responded, lifting his head arrogantly.

Silence reigned for a long moment. Breeze abruptly felt the energy "rivers" of the area begin to flow again and she sucked in a breath of relief. Ly'gril too felt it.

"I guess...it isn't important. We need to figure out what happened here."

Tigurl frowned, "I know what happened. There is a corruption here, it came from deep within the well of the ground. It ate the Inodian army and caused the Chelar to fight each other by convincing them they were the enemy."

Brizain shook his head, "How could you know that?"

"I was one of the scouts for the Inodian forces. My particular skill allows me to see the evil that occurred here. I saw..you.." Tigurl pointed to Ly'gril, "..jump from that bat. I thought you were jumping to your death."

"I'm a healer. I was trying to save lives."

Breeze shook her head, "You are not a healer."

Ly'gril glared, "I think I know what my capabilities are!"

Breeze put up her hands in a submissive gesture, "You may be capable of healing, but you are not a healer. That is only one of your abilities. I AM a healer. The energy flows tell me what people are."

Breeze pointed to Brizain, "He is a warrior" then to Tigurl "She is a hunter" and then to Ly'gril 'You are a priest."

Brizain and Ly'gril looked at each other in confusion. Brizain coughed, "Healer, you are wrong. There are no priests in Falural. There has been no priest for three hundred thousand years. The gods have been silent that long."

Breeze shrugged, "I only know what the energy tells me. You are touched. That makes you a priest."

Brizain motioned to Tigurl with his sword, "And you. YOU are the enemy!"

Ly'gril cleared her throat, tearing her eyes away from Breeze, "I don't think that's an issue anymore warrior. Your group and us are the only ones on their feet. What are you going to do? Start another little war between you, that elf, and her gigantic Chelar-eating cat?"

Brizain felt slightly foolish and lowered his sword, "You have a point...priest."

Ly'gril threw up her hands in disgust. Breeze took a deep breath, "Perhaps we could..introduce ourselves and then help get your people back ON their feet. It might go a long way toward fixing the situation? My name is Brizocia. You can call me Breeze if you like."

Brizain gave Breeze a long look before nodding, "Very well. I am Brizain."

Brizain and Breeze looked at Tigurl, "My name is Tigurl. My companion is Ferala."

Without turning around Ly'gril grunted, "My name is Ly'gril. Lets..get moving."