Hunchback Official Release

April 22, 2019


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Me: Hunchback is live! You know, I can just imagine myself standing in the dark, with the rain pounding over me and the lightning flashing screaming "IT'S ALIIIIVE IT'S ALIIIIVE! MUHAHAHAHHAHA!"

Kinkajou: Wow. And I thought MY Master was bad.

Me: Well, let's talk about that. How do you feel about the book now that it's out?

Kinkajou: Well, I thought I was going to be shut up in a cupboard for the rest of my life, so I guess I'm pretty happy! I can let people get to know me now.

Me: Do you feel guilty at all? You know...about….

Kinkajou: :shifting uncomfortably: You know I don't like to talk about that. But yes, in some ways, I do.

Me: How would you describe yourself Kinkajou? For our readers and listeners?
Kinkajou: I'm...pretty normal actually. I like a good football game, a mug of ale, and sometimes I play those little games on your phone.

Me: What?

Kinkajou: What? I mean, you know, board games. I like board games.

Me: Hmmmm, so you've got a sense of humor.

Kinkajou: A sense of humor quite close to yours actually. I wonder where I got it from…

Me: heh. Well. I hope everyone loves you as much as I do Kinkajou. I'd hug you, but I think you stole my chocolate cake.  And is that the doorbell?

Kinkajou: Oh, that would be my Amazon packages….

:Sigh:  Well, I guess since he IS a part of my subconscious, he would in some fashion be like me. He's definitely enjoying taking a break from his adventuring, but eventually I suppose he'll get bored and want to go back to the road. Hopefully before I have to classify him as an employee and churn out a 1099 for him.

It's been a very long road getting Hunchback here, to the release day of the ebook. And the journey isn't finished yet. You can as of today get the book in multiple countries through In the United States it's priced at $4.99 and I did specify no DRM. However, that's not the only platform the book will be on.  It is also available on This will give you the opportunity to select the platform you want. Perhaps you don't trust these platforms, no problem. Please contact me through the website and I'll be happy to take the price of the book through Paypal and give you a DRM free copy in mobi, epub, txt, or pdf. Your choice.

How can you help me best? Well, buying the book is one way, but leaving a review is just as important. Next best? Please share. Share the post, share the link where the book is for sale, tell people that I've written it and it's for sale! I appreciate my supportive friends just as much as I appreciate my customers and readers.

Thanks so much for helping me make this a real success!