To The Stars Bowen

To The Stars Bowen

Written March 6 2019

For the past few days I've been attending the Women In Publishing Summit on FB. Now having published before I am not a complete newb, but there are so many things I don't know and I'm only selling a few books here and there. I need to know more. This is really helpful for me. Describing marketing, pr, the publishing industries ins and outs, picking an editor, and so much more. Paying for the all-access pass means not only can I go back to the videos again and again, but I have access to other participants and instruction inside a private community. Somehow, going to Reddit and saying "please help me" smacks of painting a target on my ass. Ya know?

In just these past few days I've gone from wondering if I'll ever sell another copy, to actually creating a plan for marketing, editing, publishing. I have learned what my books need to get into libraries and bookstores if I so choose. There is a lot to do, but at least now I know far more about what I need to accomplish my personal goals for my writing. It takes far more than just throwing it up on Amazon and expecting it to sell, but I do not have to expose myself to true panic attacks just to get the writing sold.

This is a scary job. It's kind of like facing a dragon that is deciding whether it wants to eat you. But I am glad I did this now and not at the beginning. I truly believe that if I had done this as a real newb, it would have overwhelmed me to the point where I would have just given up. Now that I have a few experiences under my belt, getting a few books out there, it doesn't seem so bad. It just seems like a step up. The dragon has lost a few teeth and I've managed to wedge a spear into its mouth so it can’t eat me.

Now I'm ready to take off. The writing will become better, the communication will become better, the work will become better. That makes me happy.