Audio is ready for Betas!

Who knew that trying to get a book ready for audio publishing was so HARD?  I...did not. My attempt at recording of The Hunger Inside failed miserably, but I am lucky in that the recording and editing software since I made that attempt has improved dramatically. I was able to record all the short stories in Eclectic Reflections Of Now, then edited, and processed them myself. 

Now I need some help. I'd like people to listen to just one story and let me know what they think. All stories are fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Here is a brief rundown:

A collection of literary fiction, fantasy and science fiction short stories written from 1989 through 2016. Through fiction, these short stories reflect some of the changes that we have seen in the world. From the innocence of youth through the heartbreak of war and the ongoing decimation of our planet's ecosystem, each story contains a unique viewpoint intended to connect audiences with the hopes and fears that many societies face today.
The audiobook will also includes a peek into the fantasy novel "Hunchback" (not available for Beta)

  1. New Planet: Apocalyptic tale (1hr)
  2. Forgotten Heroes: Literary fictional account in WWII (8 mins)
  3. The Dragon Master: Sci-fi with dragons (35 mins)
  4. Holiday Values: Literary Fiction about being an immigrant (46 mins)
  5. When I am Old: Sci-fi account of an author who has come to a nursing home (11 mins)
  6. Machines Of War: Sci-fi about building the most destructive bomb ever created (40 mins)
  7. In Death: Sci-fi battle between a tiny invader and a civilian living on the edge (9 mins)
  8. Unicorn: Pure innocent fantasy. Written in 1989. (6 mins)

To participate, you can click Contact here on the website, you can also catch my post on Google Plus or Facebook. Files will be made available for download in MP3 format.