Happy New Year!

Yayyyyy! It's the first day of the new year. 

Well, ok, MY new year. November 1 is when I start a new book, so it's the start of a new work year. Luckily I finished the last work October 30, so I am completely free to write this book and not have to worry about previous work. That's the rule. Write one, finish one. Finishing doesn't always have to be the same work as the written one, but November 1 - 30 one book must be written.

I've had my seven cups of coffee this morning, I've paid the bills (most of them) and now I must get into the characters brains. That means doing things like this. Wow, I'm less than twelve hours into this thing and already procrastinating. ahahaha, no not really. This is part of the process. What's the story about? I decided a lighthearted book would be nice. So...

Sezzi is an alien. A small, insignificant alien. Well, her parents and everyone around her hopes she's insignificant. That's what they want to be. They want to be small, simple, insignificant people. But Sezzi doesn't really want to be insignificant, and no one tells her WHY, so she does what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. 

....Did I say this was lighthearted? Maybe I should get to the lighthearted part.

Sezzi's race lives on a little planet with other little people. Their little planet is surrounded by a large asteroid belt and outside of the asteroid belt is a bigger planet. Not just bigger but a BIG planet. This planet is filled with BIG people. A big planet with big ideas. The whole place is filled with HUGE IMPRESSIVE things!

See? Lighthearted.

Sezzi's curiosity, piqued by her uncles tales of secret daring is going to take her on a journey to the big planet. Through the asteroid belt, she'll travel right there. Fun right?


Uh oh, you are starting ruin my vibe here.

When she goes through the asteroid belt, she inadvertently shows someone else the way to get through. This someone else is not so nice. In fact, by the time Sezzi realizes what she's done, they will have put her whole little planet in quite a lot of jeopardy.

Ahh. So not all lighthearted. But I swear, there are really great parts. Like the Light Sail ships, magnificent space whales, tiny cute little space fish pets, the majestic beauty of the Big Planet and...did I mention this? No? Oh yes... the people on the Little Planet? Well...all their wishes become real. It's...complicated.

Becoming a book soon.