Dear Jill Stein

Dear Jill Stein,

This election has been the first truly stressful election for me. I hate politics being referred to as a game. A game is something that is not supposed to be taken seriously. This affects our lives. It's not a game.  The media treats elections as it's own special opinionated playground when they should be restricting their reporting to facts. Then the behavior of some candidates has been atrocious.

Bernie Sanders political schooling, activism, public interaction, and experience as a long running elected official made me very confident that his intentions to champion equality, schooling, and progress, were well founded and reasonable. I was more than willing to support Bernie Sanders all the way through this election.

Unfortunately, there are people who do not want to play "by the rules." They must resort to humiliation, manipulation, and outright lies to get what they want. Hillary Clinton has proven that these are tools she is willing to utilize. The DNC has proven they are willing to utilize these tools. I have no proof that Bernie Sanders had any part in anything the DNC had planned. Because he was the vilified party, it is reasonable to believe he was not. Bernie did, however, encourage people to vote for Hillary Clinton. I cannot do this.

I feel I have to draw a line somewhere. I have to support someone. I cannot choose the "least of all evils." Voting for Hillary Clinton would be like walking back into a job where I had been purposely abused and asking them to take another shot at me. There is no reason to believe that Hillary will keep any promise OR that she can actually act upon her own volition. Even the media is posting photos of her husband, not her. Having been proven she will break the rules out of sheer greed, she cannot be trusted.

I know that voting for Donald Trump would be supporting another Hitler. He is a racist, sexist, bigoted man who has control issues and lies constantly, switching to whatever he thinks someone wants to hear at the moment. He has a scary amount of charisma to those who want to listen to him. When he speaks his own words, they do not make any logical sense or reason. He denies  He is nothing more than another flag waving extremist ready to use the United States for his own inconsiderate needs.

While you do not have the same political education, nor broad sweeping political clout that Bernie Sanders has, your education from Harvard is equally acceptable as Bernie Sanders. Your medical practice and activism tells me that you  have had significant interaction with the general public. That is, you have had interaction with the public that requires your help. You are not likely to ignore scientific evidence about global warming, environmental issues, medical proof, or social issues.

Other candidates such as Gary Johnson competed for my attention, however there are some concerns that will not leave me alone. Gary Johnson has made millions of dollars and he has nowhere near the public interaction I consider sufficient to understand the daily problems that those of us who need help the most.

The people in our society who need help are those who are the most vulnerable. As well, we need to move to a global society, not the flag waving insular United States we have become. We used to welcome people of all backgrounds, and now those people are afraid of us. It's not right. We can't get to space without cooperation with other countries, we can't even feed the American people without the assistance of other countries. Pushing them away makes no sense.

Perhaps we can stop killing our citizens, get our education back on track, and allow people to stop being afraid, Because every one of our population is important. I understand that no candidate, even you, will be 100% perfect, but with Bernie having walked out of the arena, I am looking to you to keep fighting on the behalf of all Americans who need your influence.