Library Reading!

So today I went to the Corvallis Public library where we had a party to celebrate the book that was created from everyone in Corvallis who submitted excerpts from NaNoWriMo. 19 people submitted, though I'm sure lots more people actually worked on NaNoWriMo.

You can find the book on Amazon HERE

and on LuLu HERE

And I very bravely got up in front of all those people..and I read. I read my own work from The Hunger Inside. This is exceptional for me. I who put the professional wallflowers to shame with my ability to blend into the woodwork at parties. I even talked to someone, and didn't melt. 

As you can see, I did bolster my confidence by wearing my Doctor Who outfit. I love that outfit for my writing persona of S0rceress0. It makes me a little less able to BE a wallflower. 

And here is the excerpt, from Chapter 11: Unexpected. Where Sam is struggling with actually running a real restaurant, which she's never done before. 

Sam spent most of the next day searching for ways to keep going. She was only a few weeks away from having to shut down unless she either cut costs or made some money. She decided to do a small amount of subtle espionage. She went back to the restaurant where she got the range and asked for the head chef. The sous-chef wrinkled his nose at her and left her waiting outside. She had to wait in the snow for at least twenty minutes before Louis appeared. She was trying to stomp some feeling into her toes when he did.

“Hi, Louis!”

“My God, Sam, come in before you catch your death!”

Louis whacked his sous-chef on the head as they passed.

“Don’t ever leave this woman standing outside again! Heartless ruffian!”

Sam smiled to herself as she passed. She refrained from sticking out her tongue at the man. They settled into Louis’ office, and he insisted on pouring her a coffee with brandy. It was very luxurious, and she took the time for a long moment to smell the coffee before she drank it.

“Ah, a woman after my own heart. A true appreciation for coffee.”

“That’s only because I burn mine.”

“Well, what can I do for you Sam?”

“I wanted to do some work on my building, but I need some boxes—good, stiff, cardboard boxes. Would you happen to have any?”

“Oh, yes, we get so many we have to pay to have them taken away. You are welcome to as many as you want. Here, I’ll show you where we store them.”

They went through the back of the restaurant to a storage closet where packs of the cardboard boxes were tied up. Sam chose a small stack. They walked back through the kitchen.

“Thank you so much, Louis. It’s hard to find clean cardboard.”

“Yes. Cleanliness is next to godliness in the kitchen, isn’t it?”

“Oh...say, do you use your kitchen scraps?”

Louis looked shocked,

“Sam! You aren’t seriously that hard up for food that you would take garbage and serve it to customers!”

“No, no, I don’t mean your garbage, Louis, I meant your ends and trimmings. Carrots, onions, potato peelings. Do you use them?”

“, we don’t. Why would you want our trimmings?”

“Well, frankly, I think they make good soup, Louis. You have organic produce. Organic produce in the pot produces better stock. I’ve been reading. I won’t be able to avoid canned food forever, but if I can make good stock, I can produce large amounts of good soup as a staple for my menu.”

Louis smiled, amused.

“Reading is good, Sam. It makes you a better cook. You have a fine idea. Give me one of those boxes.”

Sam chose a small one, but Louis made her refold it and chose another one, strapping it into shape with packing tape. He swept a whole pile of various produce off the stainless prep table where his sous-chef was working. The sous-chef didn’t even flinch.

“Oh Louis, I didn’t mean your good produce!”

The sous-chef snorted. Louis took Sam by the arms.

“Sam, this is the discard pile. We run a restaurant that caters to investors, credit companies. These individuals do not want a spotted carrot in their dinner. André is the best sous-chef I have ever had. He can pick the perfect produce and happily toss all the rest in the garbage. You may have the discards. André?”

André rolled his eyes. “I understand, Louis. When...she...shows up, I let her in, I give her coffee,  and then let her take all the discards home. Are we getting a puppy too?”