It Begins

It was hopeless. We were beaten far, far before we ever began to fight. We never even found out their names. I just called them the Evil Aliens. But all the way until the end, we still hoped. We still planned. We still fought. It was the human way. We just couldn’t adapt fast enough. Not to suit them, and not to save ourselves. They had made an entire culture out of manipulation and taking advantage of other species. Our little planet had nothing they needed. Oh, maybe some uranium or certain pretty Lapis Lazuli, but other than pretties, they gained nothing except a fulfillment of sadistic tendencies. And in that, they revelled.


So begins the first chapter of my new work “Aliens Among Us.”

While I AM still planning on continuing to work on Dragon Masters, it is such a wreck I need lots of time with it. This alien story is beginning to shape up in my mind quite quickly and with organization. I will always go with a more publishable work, even if it’s not written yet, rather than try to re-organize 60,000 words of bloated crapola with no real point. I could see Dragon Masters taking me a year or more to “fix.”

And although my husband would love for me to publish my original NaNoWriMo novel Hunchback, I am still not convinced it is a novel that should ever be presented to the public. It was a success in that I actually wrote a novel length work and gave me confidence, but I think that is where it may stay.

“Aliens Among Us” will give me a chance to express my love of science while still allowing me to spark other’s imaginative possibilities and perhaps make a teeny tiny social statement which of course is one of my favorite themes.

So what would happen if we were removed from our planet? Would we survive? In a true “random pick” situation, would one million people be able to get it right all over again? So many many many possibilities.