Weird dreams hey?

Last night I dreamed I got into a transport in the middle of a war zone. I was then transported to Disneyland...??? All of a sudden I'm on this ride. and the ride lets off  
in the spot that was (last time I was there a million years ago) right next to Space Mountain. That little eatery that serves Mickey's Birthday cake? The patio that you have to take an escalator to reach.  Yeah that one.
I get off the ride and realize I'm hungry, so I go to find my friends.. um,  Neil DeGrasse Tyson and my neighbor? Ok..ok. and I'm pissed cause they are doing something and won't listen to me. I tell them,
"Hey, I'm hungry, are you guys gonna let me eat or am I going to go get Harrison Ford who by the way is a personal friend of mine (he is?) and let him deal with you!
My friends pay no attention and Neil starts measuring my hand for a baseball glove! Thank goodness it was a leftie, I would have lost my mind if he'd tried to put a glove on my right hand. 
And then I realized that I had to wash the dishes and I woke up. 
So....Good morning. :)