Spock and Nimoy

It took me all day to really take in Leonard Nimoy’s death. He seemed as if he’d just be there forever. Nimoy, who played Spock in Star Trek, was born in 1931. For a man who grew up in a time which was far from the type of society we have now, Nimoy developed a personality that was incredibly accepting. His ethics both on screen and off were quite admirable. He spoke up for others rights, such as the right for women to be paid equally to men. He created books that celebrated women, no matter how much they weighed. He advocated for gay rights. Even in the 60’s, he encouraged teenage girls to be independent and value themselves.

Spock was much the same way, though viewed as being a stone cold Vulcan, he was not as cold as he was logical. The survival of the species meant acceptance. Spock had first hand knowledge of not being accepted by his own kind. Through the Federation of Planets, he was exposed to hundreds of other species, thousands of ways of interacting with cultures.

Both Spock and Leonard Nimoy had the ability to intrigue humanity. I have seen hundreds of different ways that people chose to remember them both today. I remember being very excited when I saw Nimoy narrating our science specials in elementary school. It was Mister Spock!!! And every science special made me want to question more, made science clearly something that was important. And the more I learned about science, the more I wanted to write the fiction. I wanted to write characters like Spock, who intuitively applied science to understand situations.

And although I can always go back and watch Spock on my favorite streaming site, I will never again get the chance to shake Leonard Nimoy’s hand at a convention, or await his newest project to see what he has up his sleeve. All my “perfect moments” with Leonard Nimoy are in my memories.