P.S. (pre script) I actually wrote this yesterday, but just before I could record and post it I managed to pick up something the wrong way and strained the lower left muscles of my back and wound up in bed with a heating pad, ibuprofen, and several rather strong cups of hot chocolate mixed with minty vodka. I DID sleep well… but onto yesterday.


Over the past few years I have been trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. To that end I changed the way I ate. For the past few years I have not eaten fast food, most every meal has been made at home. I have increased my exercise level as well.

Occasionally, I have lapses in judgement.  This year I thought I was doing well on the “Girl Scout” cookie front. I only bought two boxes. Last year I bought twelve. The Girl Scouts are a worthy group here in Oregon and I think that my money brings good resources to the girls who are involved. Of course when I got home I immediately opened a box. I DID share which meant I only had part of the box. The next day, yesterday, I...was not so restrained.

Again, I did share, somewhat. But the whole box was gone in a matter of about an hour and a half. At about five servings of five cookies each, that’s 25 servings in a little under two hours? Normally my greed wouldn’t have too serious repercussions, but because I have spent so long avoiding pre-made foods it just caught up with me, and around midnight I got a terrible stomach ache. Then I quite literally tossed my cookies.

Utilizing healthier methods does not always mean life gets easier. Trying to figure out what my body can handle now and what it can’t means that coming up against my limits can be a very uncomfortable experience. Greed can mean hours or even days of discomfort. I still think I am better for the process, however. I have a far better chance of knowing what caused me to get sick and I am adding years onto my life by knowing what it is I am eating and making choices based on that knowledge.