Almost there!

In honor of the first person to download the S0rceress0 Dragons and Redshirts app for Ubuntu phones, here is the first paragraph from Scene 27 of The Hunger Inside, the scene which is currently under destruction..ahem, I mean CONstruction. Very very soon I'll be done with editing and it goes for a final proofreading, formatting, and then publishing!

It became such that there was very little Sam wouldn’t do for the people of the neighborhood she had invested in. Though some of the time she was still using her own money to survive on, the restaurant made enough to operate and occasionally allowed her to do some extra activities. It was getting better. She did eventually get her phone service back as well. It was a pretty unremarkable day when she met Eva at the bus stop. Eva struggled with three children. The oldest couldn’t have been more than three, a younger toddler and a baby. Getting them wrangled onto the bus was like watching a rodeo. Sam almost wanted to cheer for the toddler who was determined to escape her fate at all costs. The older child was just too curious about the bus stop sign itself to listen to her mother who held the rather large armful of baby and wheeled shopping cart while attempting to snag the toddler. Sam remembered trying to wrangle marines who had been cooped up on a ship for a month and took pity on the tired looking mom.