It's Just A Day Like Yours

Sometimes, life is not about writing stories about people doing great things. Sometimes it's about letting others know that your life is just as cluttered and chaotic as they are experiencing. My desk describes my day today perfectly. Today I have to install a fan control in the computer for voice recording work, I have to clear coat my sons desk, I have to sand and paint my own desk, I have to arrange to have my husband photograph crackers that I've made. But before all that can happen I have to take a walk. This is something I just absolutely have to do to keep my mind where it's supposed to be, in my head. Of course even at the store I have to work, doing price comparisons for my fledgling cracker side-business. And so my day looks like my desk. I have to eat, I have to take care of myself, I have to work, I have more work to do, and in among it all I still have to wipe my own butt and blow my nose. If your days are like this, I salute you. Keep on keeping and I'll do my best to understand you, and entertain you, and feed you.