Peas Are The New Beef (review of Beyond Meat)

As a foodie, I'm always out to try the "new thing" and today when I saw a video for Beyond meat 100% plant protein meat, it intrigued me enough that I thought, "Sure, why not?"

The video explained how it wasn't just vegetables smushed together like most grain or veg burgers. It was proteins extracted from the source. The Beast Burger is Pea Protein Isolate. Basically they extract the proteins from peas and put them together into a format which is supposed to taste like and feel like, beef.

Well, even right out of the package, these looked a lot like beef patties.

The smell off the frozen patty is reminiscent of bbq sauce. Slightly smokey and sweet.  They cooked up well. They juiced a tiny bit, didn't stick a whole lot, and only took max 6 to 7 minutes to cook. These patties do not shrink because the fat as the ingredients state are Canola, Palm, and Sunflower oil, no animal fat. The scrapings off the bottom of the pan tasted like the same seasoned scrapings you would get off a regular beef burger pan.

The smell of the cooked patty was definitely meaty. It wasn't as hefty as beef, but it was apparent that enormous amount of thought went into the creation/flavoring/smell of the patty itself.

A taste test proved that this YES, tasted like meat. There is just the slightest textural difference in the bare patty itself. Just a hint of a gelatinous texture difference. A regular beef patty is more grainy. The meaty flavor was wonderfully prominent and wasn't too smokey or salty. 

When it came to eating the burger complete with condiments and lettuce on the bun, I have to admit there is very little noticeable difference between this and a normal 1/4 lb patty you get at the store. It's rich and filling. If someone gave me these burgers with all the trimmings, I might notice a slight difference, but this is not something I'd put down or turn away. One was enough to fill me up. 

I say that this is a viable alternative to beef for me. The care with which this product was crafted gives me hope for the future of meat alternatives. I hope I see these appearing in my local restaurants and likely, I'll be introducing a few of them to these products.

Thank you Beyond Meat team!

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