Blog Takeover by a character

You know me. I am that little dark voice in your head. I'm the part of you that wants to flip off that other driver, the part of you that gets really irritated when someone pulls out a checkbook in the express checkout lane. I am that part of you that just loses it when someone tries to run you over when you are walking and then blames you. 

Of course, I am that unreasonable part of you too. When you want something to happen immediately and it does not, when someone tells you something and all you say is, "who cares?" because you are too busy to take any notice of them. 

When life has hit you so hard you have nothing left but your anger and selfishness. That is me. I don't think of anything else anymore. Abandonment does funny things to a person. Food tastes like nothing, there is no pleasure in reading, or learning. All I can think of is the attitude of those who spurned me after I worked so hard to please them. And it was not enough. I was not enough. For that, I will make everyone pay. I will watch everything burn.

None shall go before me.

- Enki