NaNoWriMo 2015 Story Arc Development

Enki Nergalus, a farmer from Tigurl's original homeland of Ou'asa has slowly grown hate filled. As the town he lives in progresses over the years, Enki is shunned because of his poor family status. No matter what his contributions are, the town refuses to recognize him in any way. Eventually, Enki takes vengeance on the town by kidnapping the most influential families only child and hiding him under his house. When the child dies of neglect, his despair infects the ground and activates an ancient evil bound by the minerals found inherently in the soil. It begins to feed back to Enki, giving him power. When the child's body is found, Enki vanishes into the night. All his belongings are sold off and transported away. The farm will grow nothing and is abandoned, but the belongings transport the curse, spreading it throughout Ou'asa and then through the portals where it begins to infect Falural. Over time, hidden away Enki recognizes his new powers to make others do his bidding, to destroy the land and control creatures within it. He actively begins to recruit vulnerable, yet powerful, followers and turn them into an army that will march across the face of both worlds and destroy them. 

The only way to battle the evil directly is with one who can witness the evil directly working together with a priest of Falura, and twins of a family once shattered then rejoined. 

Brizain and Brizocia, both the product of war, grew up far from each other. Brizain a warrior of tenacious strength and Brizocia a healer with the Touch of Life must reconcile their very existence before walking into battle hand-in-hand.
Tigurl, a hunter with the ability to See.
And Ly'gril, a priest with the force of conviction in her Goddess. Her abilities to think tactically could mean the difference between life and death for the group of four.

These four young adventurers from distinctly different factions will come together to overturn the greatest evil Falural has ever seen. But can they destroy the evil before they destroy each other?