Still on Page 1

Ok, I guess that the title is a bit misleading. I'm actually not still on PAGE 1. I am, however, still trying to rewrite important bits of the first chapter. I do not want people to wonder about Sam when I introduce her. I want people to wonder what she's going to do next, but I don't want her back story to come completely out of left field. So I need to write tough bits to replace those parts written in a hurry. Parts that are irrelevant. 

It's hard. Once you've written something, deleting it is like peeling off a nicotine patch and saying "I don't need this anymore. Imma go solo on this one." And then it gets real. All of a sudden you have to think about what is happening now instead of what would have happened twenty years ago. I want at least a few people to pick up this book and say "That's me!" in parts of it. It doesn't have to be the main character, but I want these characters to hit home with someone. 

So it's up to me to rewrite this chapter as well as I can. This...might take awhile.