"The Book"

I am officially halfway through editing "The Hunger Inside." Yay! Here's a tidbit in recognition of your patience. 

“Mary Lynn, are you really considering giving me money?”

“Yes. I am.”


“Well, I came down here because someone asked me to. I didn’t pay the request too much mind, I go lots of places that need money. Most of them don’t make it. They just aren’t ready for the long haul. You’ve made some pretty hefty mistakes. You started out with way too little money in the first place, you purchased the wrong things, you had no plan. You’re struggling because of it. I think it can be improved. I think you have a good chance to turn this place into something successful. For some reason, your attitude draws people in. Whether you know it or not, you are addressing the root of a problem. Whatever it is about you, people here need it. That’s why I am considering giving you money.”

“I hadn’t originally intended on starting a restaurant.”

“I don’t think that really matters.”

“I wanted to start a security business.”

“But you changed your mind.”

“Someone made a comment….I don’t know. It seemed like a restaurant was more useful.”

“Sam, that shows flexibility. That is another admirable trait.”

Sam leaned against the prep table.

“Mary Lynn, I would be very grateful if you were to invest in this business.”

Mary Lynn’s smile was bright and cheery, “I’m glad. Now...about dinner?”