Dragons and Red Shirts

You may wonder what is up with the Dragons and Red Shirts byline. I will explain. In my life I have a very eclectic range of interests, but my work usually points in one of two ways. It either goes into Fantasy or it goes into Reality.

Reality for me is scientific in nature, it is the exploration of the inner workings of ideas, providing support or proof for theories through research or experimentation, solving problems, and in general just "dealing".  Fantasy on the other hand deal with the fantastical, the supernatural, the ideas that couldn't possibly BE in any rational sense, but how I'd like them to be.

A dragon, while described as a lizard, is an idea far beyond the range of reality. It's a sentient creature that has supernatural abilities and is quite bigger than life. It represents my strong imagination and willingness to plunge straight into realms that are an escape for me.

A red shirt, is a character from Star Trek. They fail a lot. So do I. My ideas sometimes get destroyed far before I can even get to an experimental phase. My willingness to fail, to be confused, and then get up and keep trying to understand reality is represented by this. A red shirt is not necessarily just discardable, because you need them. Even Captain Kirk was upset when he lost a red shirt. (See "What Are Little Girls Made Of") You need a red shirt to give you information, even if that information is thoroughly confusing, it helps you to move on by piquing your interest, your curiosity, and your willingness to go where other's might not in search of the answer.