Challenge Accepted

I'm pretty sure that you have heard by now, there is an outcry going on about a Barbie book called "I Can Be A Computer Engineer." This book has already been pulled from online sales but not before a huge furor over it. If you haven't seen it, it features Barbie trying to make a computer program. The computer gets a virus and Barbie has to go get help to fix it. While this is a normal everyday problem, the way in which Barbie responds to it is inane and superfluous. It ignores many common sense responses and insists that women should always be happy no matter what. I decided to respond in my own way. I will not be writing a parody of the book, but I will be writing a challenge to it. 

My next Teddy Bear Tales book will feature a balanced cast of characters that go through a computer problem and work together to solve it. The difference being it will concentrate on working on equal levels, displaying a willingness and confidence of the female characters to offer their opinions and inspire new ideas within the group. 

Mattel, I am calling you out. Specifically I am showing you how to do it. You screwed it up and I'm going to fix it.