The End

Well, the last day of NaNoWriMo and I did manage to finish the book. Not just the 50,000 words, but I finished up at 58,640 words. This is not the final word count for now comes the editing part, but that will have to wait for just a little while, a week maybe, to let me catch my breath. The last two sections of the book made me cry. Big crocodile tears! I almost sobbed. I guess it's good when that happens, but it's so hard to write. 

I'm taking a lot of chances with this book. I'm shoving stereotypes up peoples noses, I'm telling stories no one wants to hear, I'm touching on the fact that humanity itself needs to be viewed in a different light. We need to move on. And I know that:

1. The people who will like this book won't be the people who will change their mind about the way they view others. The people who like this book will be the people who will have the courage to do some of the things Sam is doing in the book. It's a way of giving them permission. 

2. The people who don't like this book will probably leave some really nasty reviews. I will be ready for them. I knew that by taking the chance of shoving lots of these things in people's faces that there will be those who will take great offense. I'll prepare myself for them and pass them on by and understand that the next book will be even better written for the experience of having written this one. 

3. I think anybody who views themselves through any part of this book is going to realize that there are a whole lot more people out there like them. To them, I want to say that I may not always understand you, but I accept you. I accept whoever you are, in whatever state you are in, whatever age you happen to be at. All your likes, your loves, your desires, your hates, your wants, your fears, and your dreams...these are all you and I accept that you are a person who has the right to all of those.

So be on the lookout for The Hunger Inside. I'll be editing, and then turning that edit over to an editor, who will turn it over to another editor and hopefully, some time within the next year, I will get this published.