I WIN!!!


At 9:14 p.m. on November 25 2014 I officially hit my 50,000 word count. Yes, for the third time in my life I have written 50,000 words of a novel! I can go on to Thanksgiving knowing that Sam is forever immortalized in NaNoWriMo history! 

I am very tired. The last ten thousand words were very hard, dealing with subjects that I don't like. I don't like to talk about the things that are WRONG with me, with others, the unfairness of it all. But it's necessary. The world changes and if we remain lackadaisical, it will do what ever it wants and steamroll right over the top of us on its way to somewhere. And I'm not done writing yet, I still have about twenty thousand or so words to go before I am done writing and can edit. But I want to be there with Harper Lee, with John Steinbeck, with Scott Fitzgerald and Emily Bronte. I want people to feel enough uncertainty that they actually LOOK around themselves and try to figure out if what I am saying is true. Because if they look, they will see something. Even if they don't see what I see, they will see something. Then they can decide how they feel about it and if they want to change it. 

Sam is just a regular person who started off in a regular world and got fed up with that world. Then the world came to her as soon as she stopped moving long enough. She notices people she hadn't noticed before, recognizes the difference between her life and the lives of those less privileged than herself, and in her own way, she does something about it. Because she is hungry for change, both for herself and the world around her.

I made this happen, I did it, but I want to thank some of the people who helped me make it happen. All the NaNoWriMo staff, my ML's here in Corvallis, Oregon, my Google Plus friends, family, and the odd stranger that popped in my posts just to encourage me and Amy and Jen from Beer:30 in Corvallis Oregon.

If you are still writing, please keep going! Because all your wordz are belong to you and they are beloved.

For some reason, this phrase is one that really stuck with me through the whole process. I hope, as confusing as it is, it helps you too. It's a Red Shirt thing.

"I am not less perfect than Lor."