Dealing with destruction

Finishing up the afternoon at 46681 words. "At this rate you will finish on November 27"
So now I can go to the store with a confident feeling that I can do this tonight/tomorrow morning. 
Sam has made a good failure with her second employee. She needs to succeed with him the second time around. Sam also needs to go through getting her place trashed, having what she thinks is a panic attack that feels like a heart attack, being taken to the hospital and all of the consequences therein. I won't spoil the ending for you, but it brings up some good points.
How do you rebuild from a major destruction? Can you? How does life change after that? When you were on the edge to begin with, how does having your life being torn apart affect a person? 
I know several people on G+ that could answer that. It's what Sam is going to have to answer for herself. 
I hope she can do it.