Writing what people don't want to read

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This year, I am not so sure about my book. I am sure of the characters, and I am sure about the story. I know it is interesting and that there will be people who strongly identify with it. What I am unsure of though, is the people that will be offended by this book.
And I know there will be those. I know people will be offended by the fact that I have the audacity to tell them about the problems we refuse to face. That there are whole sections of white society that refuse to believe that there are people of color that exist. That there are people who are starving who even working three jobs, still can't afford everything it takes just to get enough food in the house to survive. 
Imagine that for a second. A mom, working three jobs, having just enough time to get home, cook, clean, and put kids to bed just to go to bed herself. Then the next morning get up and do it all over again, day after day. 
The stories of people pushed to the edges of society and trampled by our indifference. This is what I think will offend others. This is what Sam is discovering. And reality. The reality that people in one section of society do not trust other sections of society. That the class barrier is bringing all of us down, no matter how much money we make. 
It's hard to write, it's harder to think that I need to edit it. And to put it out there for people to spit on. That's hardest of all.