NaNoWriMo Character Update: Elizabeth

Working with Elizabeth today. I say working WITH because Elizabeth actually has quite a strong personality. All my characters seem to except the original character I started with. 
Elizabeth has Down Syndrome. She is not fast, but she is detail oriented. When making food she wants everything just so. If Sam changes the schedule or disrupts what Elizabeth is concentrating on it can have fairly devastating consequences for the day. 
I would like to really smash the hell out of the stereotype of a "submissive" temperament for all people with Down Syndrome. It's just not true. While I know that when faced with cognitive challenges, someone with Down Syndrome can easily have lots of trouble to the point of walking away from the task, this in no way can be assumed to be related to submissiveness. Most of the studies that I looked at that found a child with Down Syndrome was submissive did not specify children's learning history. This could mean any number of factors (including abuse) could have affected the child's personality before they got into the study. 
Viewing those with Down Syndrome as as emotionless is equally unfair and incorrect. Emotionally they can easily experience the same highs, the same lows, and the same mellow in between as anyone can. 
I see the marginalization of those with Down Syndrome and it hurts. Sam has already noticed that marginalization, but this will be her opportunity to do something about it. 
Writing gives me the opportunity to "fix" things in my head. To do what I wish could happen for everyone and express the frustration and anger that this marginalization happens at all.