Linda Teppler

I have to start by reiterating my mantra. I am me and no one else. I am influenced by others but I myself have made all my own decisions, both good and bad, in my life. No one else can claim my triumphs, no one else can claim my crushing defeats. I did it all.

My Story

I love to write. I love to write so much I want to make you laugh, cry, and throw things at my head. I write everything, from extremely detailed analysis on how I was duped by the root formation of a fake strawberry plant to creating apocalyptic fantasies that bring the Human race to other galaxies. I write kids books and non fiction and steampunk. I also write book reviews of books. I love to read and my writing habit sustains my book addiction.

I’ve been addicted to books since my mother Nancy Teppler first taught me to read at the tender age of three. Sitting in the kitchen I would read out loud while she was cooking. I read while in the bathroom, I read all through high school, especially while my economics teacher talked through his clenched teeth. I sat with Boo Radley, I walked with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, I have flown on the Starship Enterprise, more recently I have discovered smaller independent authors and fell in love with reading even more than ever. Book addicts will understand. 


Cooking is not just a necessity for me, but an art form, a way to connect with other people, a truly life sustaining activity. When I decided to cut out all the fast food, (almost) all the pre-packaged monstrosities, and LOTS of the sugar in my diet, I did myself a very big favor. I find myself finding more enjoyment in food than just stuffing it in my face. I have learned more about people from what they eat and how they cook, than I ever did just staring at others across the food court.

I am a sci-fi and gaming fan. I am forever searching for new Linux platform games, hoping that one day that one big MMO for Linux will cause me to lose my mind and send my entire life savings to a company so I never have to use WINE or Crossover to run my games again.

Nature is glorious to me. Even more so when I can bring nature into my front yard. Gardening and agriculture sustains my cooking passion. Combining my love of planting with landscaping allows me to help others to achieve a beautiful and useful satisfaction where they live too. I recently made investments into hydroponics to expand my interests into automated agriculture at home. Now I can even bring nature into the house!

Beyond everything else, the books, the writing, the cooking, the gaming, I love people. I want my life to help others whether their goals are similar to mine or not. Whether I am discussing my difficulties with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or getting new pictures of my beloved Guinea Pigs, I always want to keep in mind that every single person on this planet is a human being. I want to love them, and cuddle them, and take them home, and call them George.